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The Rural Health Unit is a public service medical unit consisting of 1 Doctor, 1 Nurse, 3 Midwives and I Sanitary Inspector. Complementing the RHU are one (1) private birthing facility and twenty (20) Barangay Health Stations.

Ten (10) Leading Causes of Morbidity

The table below shows that the leading cause of Morbidity as of August 2017 is Acute Upper Respiratory Infection. A total of 5,038 persons suffered from that disease.
New Corella Morbidity 2017

Ten (10) Leading Causes of Mortality

As reported by the RHU, the leading cause of mortality in the Municipality is Pneumonia with 43 persons diagnosed with that illness.

New Corella Mortality - August 2017

Nutritional Status

New Corella’s nutritional status for children between 0 – 15 years old is shown in table below. Year 2011 has the highest percentage of malnourished children.

Malnourished Children

Sanitization Facilities

Sanitation Facilities

Other Health Statistical Data

Other health statistical data in the municipality including the number of births, deaths, birth rate, death rate and mortality rates are presented in this table.

Social Welfare

Social Welfare programs and services available

The Municipal Social Welfare and Development provides social protection and promote the rights and welfare of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantages individual, family and community to contribute to poverty alleviation and empowerment. There are six types of clientele being served by the Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development namely: Family heads and others needy adults (FHONA), children, youth, disabled, elderly and the distressed/displaced families with problems of relationships.

Presently, a more or less 4,669 families are enrolled in the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program. These families were granted a cash assistance to supply the gaps of health and education of children. They were also required and equipped with necessary Family Development Session in term of: Values Formation, Different Laws that are relevant and applicable for their daily lives, entrepreneurial skills, health and wellness, reproductive health and etc . 4Ps beneficiaries were also even priority to avail livelihood assistance under Sustainable Livelihood Program for those deserving, skillful and willingness. 4Ps beneficiaries assisted also to acquire employment to those skilled 4Ps household heads. And even, educational Assistance for children willing and deserving to pursue their college education.

Child Development Program provides for the social development of children ages 3-4 years old including its nutritional status and education. Presently, the 20 brgys have their Child Development Center and their respective Child Development Teachers/Workers. However, at present, there are only 3 Child Development Center and Child Development Teachers that are not yet accredited since structures do not follow with the standards. Through Supplementary Feeding Program of DSWD, as recipient for 6th cycle, we conducted regular monitoring of the nutritional status.

There are more or less 3,400 registered senior citizens in town, 2,668 registered as of 2015. The Local Government has constructed a Senior Citizens Center which serves a venue for the senior citizens affairs and activities, however, the center needs to comply with the standards to pass the accreditation. Presently, there are 1,128 Senior Citizens who availed of the Social Pension Program of the DSWD.

For the welfare of the persons with disability and youth, MSWD has initiated organizing and strengthening this type of clientele through providing skills training for livelihood opportunities and issuing National I.D. for PWD’s, and also Purchase slip for medicines discount.

New Corella is in need of Crisis Intervention Center as temporary shelter ( 1 -2 nights) for clientele especially those children in conflict with the law, women in crisis(VAWC victim), aloft/loss elderly and loss mentally ill individual before finally given an intervention whether turning back to families or to other institution that provide the appropriate serves. The Luntiang Paraiso Rehabilitation Center is one of the social welfare that caters drugs/alcoholic dependents that undergo rehabilitation process. The Bahay Pag-asa Center that is now operated for 1 year, will cater child in conflict with the law, not committed a heinous crime which clientele should have a court order/court resolution.

Number of types of clientele

Number and location of day care centers

As of 2018, the municipality has a total of 45 day care centers. Table shows the inventory of the existing day care centers and its location.
New Corella Day Care Centers


Educational Attainment and Literacy Rate

Literacy Rate

School–age population and Participation Rate, by level (elementary, secondary, tertiary)


Number and location of schools by level, Public and Private


Number of housing units by type of building and construction materials

During the 2015 census, New Corella has 13,091 occupied housing units. Of this number, 12,780 are single houses; 195 are duplex structures; 104 are multi-unit residential; 3 commercial/industrial/agricultural and 7 institutional living quarters.

Number of housing units by type of building

Single House12,780
Multi-unit Residential (3 or more units)104
Commercial/ Industrial/ Agricultural (Office Factory and Others)3
Institutional Living Quarter7
Other Housing Units1
Not Reported1
Source: PSA Census 2015
Based from the table below, percentage of households whose house materials for outer walls are concrete and those whose outer wall are wood are almost the same with 23.4% and 23.2%. A total of 2,184 (16.7%) uses half concrete/brick/stone/half wood for outer walls and 4,711 (36%) uses bamboo/sawali/cogon/nipa.

Construction Materials of the Outer Walls

Half Concrete/Brick/Stone and Half Wood2,184
Galvanized Iron/Aluminum15
Bamboo/Sawali/ Cogon/Nipa4,711
Makeshift/Salvaged/ Improvised Materials1
No walls1
Not Reported62
Source: PSA Census 2015
As of 2015, there were 13,091 total occupied housing units of which the construction materials of the roof uses totaled to 11,870 using galvanized iron/aluminum, 32 usestile/concrete clay tile, 55 uses half galvanized iron and half concrete, 1,117 uses bamboo/cogon/nipa/anahaw and only 2 uses asbestos.

Construction Materials of the Roof

Galvanized Iron/Aluminum11,870
Tile Concrete/Clay Tile32
Half Galvanized Iron and Half Concrete55
Makeshift/Salvaged/Improvised Materials0
Not Reported1
Source: Philippine Statistics Authority, 2015 Census of Population and Housing

Tenure on the house and homelot

The result of the PSA 2015 Census of Population and Housing showed that 48.77% of the respondents owned their houses while 2.7% are renting the house they are living.

Tenure Status of the Housing Unit/Lot

Own or Owner-Like Possession of House and Lot6,049
Rent House/Room including Lot337
Own House Rent Lot651
Own House Rent-Free Lot with Consent of Owner4,216
Own House Rent-Free Lot without Consent of Owner99
Rent-free House and Lot with Consent of Owner1,028
Rent-free House and Lot without Consent of Owner23
Not Applicable0
Not Reported0

Type of fuel used for lighting

Out of 12,403 households in New Corella, 72% are using electricity for lighting, 22% are using kerosene (gas), only 1% uses solar panel and 4% are using solar lamp.

Fuel for Lighting

Kerosene (Gaas)2721
Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)3
Oil (Vegetable Animal and Others)1
Solar Panel129
Solar Lamp67
Not Reported0

Types of garbage disposal

New Corella conducted waste segregation, and, according to MENRO, every purok in the municipality has its own MRF where the residents pile up their garbages and the garbage collectors collects these garbages regularly. Barangay Poblacion and Mesaoy have their own garbage trucks in their barangay. Garbage collections in some barangays are upon request especially in timberland areas. The collected garbages are dumped in the open dump site situated at barangay San Jose. The LGU proposes a sanitary landfill in barangay Sta. Cruz and proposes to purchase a garbage compactor.

Employment and Income

Employment rate by sector

The Labor force participation in New Corella is 92.6% in 2015. Employment rate was 60% and unemployment rate was 40%.

Total Gainful Workers 15 years and over

Total Gainful Workers 15 years and over

Number of Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)

In 2015, a total of 606 overseas workers are from New Corella. Of the total OFW’s, 445 (73%) are female and only 161 (27%) are male. This is because most jobs applied for abroad are domestic helpers which are mainly a work for females.

Overseas Workers

Overseas Workers

Recreation and Sports Facilities

Table shows the different sports and recreational facilities in New Corella as of 2015. It includes the sport related facilities – basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, oval field, and covered court. Recreational facilities like plaza and swimming pools.

Table Type, number and location on sports and recreated facilities

number and location on sports and recreated facilities